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TV screens for construction sites - How do they work?

Choose to relay this information internally with an additional screen located in your site welfare facilities or similar. Our Anomaly screens can update over 250+ times a day. We offer an alternative to standard building signs which don't effectively encapsulate an audience.

Anomaly screens act as safety signs which can promote health and safety content such as fire exit signs, hazard signs and promote health and safety policy. Having a vast amount of experience allows our screens to be fast and responsive creating a new breed of fast sign solution.

Freestanding Information TV Screens for Construction

Anomaly Hi-Vis is the UK’s leading digital construction signage company with over 25 years of experience in digital broadcasting. Providing high-quality digital TV screens for construction sites, with second to none bespoke site specific signage.

55” External Portrait Screen

The 55″ External Hi-Vis Screen is for the larger sites and dwell areas.

47” External Portrait Screen

The 47″ External Hi-Vis Screen is our most popular information terminal and is also ideal for public facing areas.

47” Internal Portrait Screen

Give your site an identity throughout your construction site with our internal information terminals.

“We are very pleased with the level of service provided by Anomaly Hi-Vis. We have found the enhanced method of communication beneficial in enhancing employee ‘buy-in’ to safety enabling us to focus key safety messages. The installation of the units and the usability of the interface have both been issue free, the weather widget which is due to be incorporated into the system soon will also be beneficial to our project.”

Health and Safety Manager – Balfour Beatty

Scheduled Content for Public

One of the best parts about using digital signs is the ability to daypart your playlist by scheduling content to play out of site operating hours and grab the attention of passers-by.
With Anomaly Hi-Vis you can communicate with the general public quickly and easily to raise the profile of new developments and share how this will benefit the local community in the near or distant future. This unique feature gives the Anomaly Screen a dual-purpose which will benefit your site, even when closed and help you to build a strong rapport with neighbours.
More than just digital signage!
Tailored bespoke content, branded to your site requirements