Bespoke Digital Construction Signage

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Thank you for taking the time to look at what the bespoke Anomaly Hi-Vis screens have to offer.

Our in-house team can create content featuring your brand and design health and safety signage content that specifically warns of the dangers on your construction site. With the secure password you will be given, you will be able to upload your own content from any device and share it with several sites.

Anomaly Hi-Vis offers an alternative to stationary health and safety signs, with its interactive digital content that is designed especially for the construction industry. With Hi-Vis you can broadcast bespoke messages to your entire site or even the general public instantly choose from our ever-growing content library.

Anomaly Screen Kier

Site-Specific Information

• Upload your own content
• Share across multiple sites
• Relay instant messages to the site

• Improves site safety
• Prevents health and safety prohibitions
• Safeguards workers

• Encourages best practice
• Delivers up to the minute information
• Communicates with the public

Anomaly Hi Vis - More than just digital signage...

You get full access to the Hi Vis Video Library

Our content library covers various means of communicating health and safety information through the Anomaly Hi Vis Information Terminal. These enforce the EC Safety Signs Directive 92/58/EEC on the provision and use of safety signs, e.g. fire alarms, spoken communication and the marking of pipe work containing dangerous substances. These are in addition to traditional signboards such as prohibition and warning signs. Fire safety signs, i.e. signs for fire exits and fire-fighting equipment are also covered.

Prohibition Signs

Speed Limit Signs
No Smoking Health and Safety Sign
Mobile Safety Sign
No food or drink safety Sign

Safety Warning Signs

Rick of falling Safety Sign
Fork Lift Safety Sign
Corrosive substances Safety Sign
Gas Bottles Safety Sign

Mandatory Safety Signs

Hard Hat Health and Safety Sign
Eye protection sign
Safety Mask Sign
Safety Stretcher Protective Clothing Sign

Safe Condition Health Signs

Health and Safety Induction Sign
Health and Safety Defib Sign
Health and Safety Emergency Phone
Health and Safety Stretcher Sign

Organise your site welfare with ease...

Clients and contractors have responsibilities regarding welfare facilities on construction projects. This is where Anomaly Hi Vis help you maintain the communication through the screens instantly to workers and visitors, throughout the life of the project. Making it easy for them to access: Toilets, Washing facilities, Drinking water, Changing rooms and lockers, Facilities for rest and more.